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When I started practicing (almost 2 years ago), I had a lot of anxiety. Practicing yoga has given me grace, patience, and confidence that everything will be ok, one breath at a time.


I love the intensity of my workouts and how I am pushed to the edge every time I am on my mat. I feel amazing after every workout, even on those days that I just didn't feel like going to class, and I did.


Thank you to everyone at your studio for the unbelievable results I have from coming to your classes for the past 10 months. I am a breast cancer survivor, and prior to starting (Labor Day 2011) my range of arm motion was extremely compromised. I am now back to almost complete recovery, and have never had any other form of exercise give me such energy, muscle definition, and confidence. The support, camaraderie, and acceptance I feel every time I enter your studio is an essential part of my life. Thank you.



I have gone through some very hard personal times, and going to yoga and working so hard that I couldn't have another thought in my head has given me a peace that was a blessing.


It makes me feel grounded. I could be having a crappy day, but knowing I'll get to practice helps me to keep things in perspective and to not neglect myself. I've never had so much self-love as I've had since starting to practice yoga.


The first time I practiced yoga (which was actually at your studio) I could not believe the calm I felt during and after the workout. It wasn't until I was walking to my car did I realize how exhausted and pushed to the max my muscles were. I love how yoga is an intense but peaceful workout.


I am just trying to find out my purpose in this life. I thought yoga is the easy way to that. Every time I practice, I feel that Yoga is leading me in the right way.


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